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Podgoat: The Lost Archive

Well some readers of this blog may just about remember when me and my good virtual buddies Simon and Pete used to record a little known but much loved (by about 3 of you) podcast called Podgoat. Sadly due to inactivity, several life changing events, and lack of funds the goat ground to a halt and eventually the podgoat domain… Read more →


AOTW: Taptu

Long Boring History behind this weeks app (feel free to skip!) Well earlier in the week I tweeted that I was finally about ready to say goodbye to google reader. Those who’ve known me for some time will know that I have always been a big fan and user of google’s solution for storing and reading RSS feeds. In fact… Read more →


AOTW: Fat On – Fat Off

If you’re wondering what AOTW stands for it’s ‘App of the week’. It was a section that we included in the podgoat podcast series until we pulled the plug on the show last month. It was one of my favourite sections and one we got some good feedback on as we tried to highlight which apps (either for iphone, ipad,… Read more →

click to laugh at fatties stats

Run Fatboy Run!

So this week I have decided to give myself a kick up the butt as far as my weight and fitness levels are concerned. This has included cutting out the 20 extra meals in a day, pruning back on my dairy intake and getting in some exercise. It’s started with at least 20 mins on the Wii Fit after work… Read more →


The Goat That Rocked

Just a quick note to inform people that the discodroid podcast series has ended….boo! Good news is though we are still making them but have just re-branded the whole shizzle and given it a site all of  it’s own. So without further hesitation rush over to http://podgoat.com and get subscribing to our iTunes feed. Episode 3 is already up and… Read more →

discostu listening to the best podcast EVER!

Podcast 01: Kitten Busters

I’ve been wanting to try podcasting for a looong time. So here is the first attempt. I’m joined for this experiment by the totally awesome Simon Pollock of gtvone.com. We cover a huge range of topics from facebook, social networking, the iPad, SEO for photographers, Music, Gowalla, Openscreen.tv, Bands, The Panasonic DMC-TS2, The Nikon Coolpix s8000, Lecia Lenses blessed by… Read more →

more than I change my socks?

More Than I Change My Socks?

So I’ve got a new website? and yes you could be forgiven for thinking that I change websites more often that I change my socks (mmm socks!) but there is method to my madness. The launch of discodroid.com completes the current cycle of evolution in my web presence and world domination (muhahaha!). Those who have followed me for a while… Read more →


5 Good Web Things That Helped Me Out

ok life is very much doom and gloom isn’t it….well here are five good things that I’ve come across or experienced over the last few weeks which have helped me out one way or another. Most of them involve getting things done better, faster or more efficiently. Not something I ever really worried about until recently but now I’m juggling… Read more →