caveman rampages over badly drawn landscape

Thursday Night Project.

This image I created last night is not quite a full badly drawn concept shot but a quicker digital twist on it, where I inhabit a badly drawn environment rather than a badly drawn object in my environment. I setup the shot of me on a white backdrop, spent a small amount of time in photoshop crudely painting out the… Read more →

the big apple

Little Disco Shoot

Chloe got stuck at work for a wee bit longer than we’d hoped today. I guess you can’t hurry pregnant women. I killed the time we spent waiting for her return by taking a few quick frames of Robyn. Nothing fancy but I thought I’d share some. Little Disco is growing up fast. Read more →

the great british line-up

Some Pictures

I’ve been taking lots of photo’s recently and haven’t been very good at sharing them. I’m desperately trying to get my creative brain working again so that I don’t lose it. That can happen right? if you don’t use it…you lose it? I don’t want to flood my flickr stream (as people only tend to see the latest posted shot)… Read more →


Taking A Good Look At Myself

Wow! after a photowalk and a chat with my good friend @daz_rgr last week I realised it’s been nearly 4 years since I finished my 365 days self portrait project over at flickr. 4 years! Time flies huh? Life has changed dramatically since that project. I’ve created several photo projects since that date. Some more successful than others. Some still… Read more →


Running Pics

I re-caught the taking photos whilst out on the run bug again recently (especially on longer runs). I post most of them to and twitter/facebook but I think I’ll post the odd favourite here to pad out my current lack of posts…oops! Read more →


Podgoat: The Lost Archive

Well some readers of this blog may just about remember when me and my good virtual buddies Simon and Pete used to record a little known but much loved (by about 3 of you) podcast called Podgoat. Sadly due to inactivity, several life changing events, and lack of funds the goat ground to a halt and eventually the podgoat domain… Read more →


031: Cliff Hanger

We managed to make the best of a single afternoon of sunshine and get out to West Bay yesterday for a walk along the beach and up to the top of the cliff. It was very nice and the obligatory ice cream that accompanies such trips was very scrummy. Robyn had her camera with her and was busy snapping photographs… Read more →

wood spider

Moors Valley

Today marked the last full day of my little break from normal working life (although I still have the weekend left to go). Chloe, Robyn and myself decided to strap the bikes onto our trusty Micra and head for Moors Valley Country Park and Forest for a day of cycle and play fun. The trails there were absolutely perfect. We had to endure… Read more →

clown feet

Feet Out

Me and Robyn went for a walk this afternoon. We hit two of the town’s play parks and had a good old natter about nothing in particular along the way. My favourite part of the afternoon was taking pictures of my feet and going on the swings. Yup I’m weird like that. Read more →


029: Hair Play

So I gave up with this project a while back. The original plan was making this a daily project. I failed. I like quite a few of the photos though. I think I’m just going to add more as and when I see them and take them. I may even end up with 365 of them….it might just take a… Read more →


028: Fishy Picture

OMG I missed another day on Friday….how badly do I suck! Not an excuse but I was busy after work with a 9 mile training run ready for my race a week Saturday. Saturday itself was busy and involved a cycle trip to Weymouth to catch up with various family members. I took my new lomography fisheye camera with me… Read more →


027: The day before

Man I suck. I’m posting this a day late…a shot from today will follow. Yesterday flew past. I Managed a steady 7 mile run at lunchtime, was busy at work and came home to an evening of socialising and entertaining a gaggle of student midwife types. Chuck in there helping Robyn with her homework and a bunch of other lovely… Read more →


025: Little Angel

Busy day yesterday sorting stuff out at home in the morning and my nieces birthday party in the afternoon. It was very nice to catch up with family but equally quite exhausting (especially considering the prior late night of drinking and dancing). Robyn attended the party dressed as an angel…..oh the irony! ;0) Read more →


024: The running man

Two weeks today I’ll be running my first race…I’m getting excited but I’m more than aware I’ve been a little lapse with my training the last two weeks, but trying not to beat myself up too much considering how far I’ve come in the last eight months. This morning I got out and did a 7 mile run around the… Read more →


023: TGIF

Today (like most others) has been a day full of ups and downs. Mostly ups. Glad the weekend is here but lots planned and don’t think there will be much time for chilling. Biggest thing to happen today was being officially discharged from the sleep clinic as I have pretty much cured myself of sleep apnea by getting fit and… Read more →