Beauty of the Irrational

I came across this video today on vimeo and thought it worth sharing. Ryan Sandes is obviously as far from me as you can get in terms of running performance and achievements, he looks insanely fit, motivated and looks like he spends a good amount of his time and energy running events like this but a few of his comments… Read more →


Wash Yo’ Face

I was reminded today of this excellent Cartoon from a good while back voiced by the fabulous Terry Wogan. It is pretty much born out of all the things us parents repeat over and over again to our children. I was very pleased to find some episodes on youtube. I’ve included one below for your enjoyment. My favourite character has… Read more →

half way

Swim Daz Swim

I have to say it makes a nice change to be blogging something which isn’t about me (and rare for me to be blogging at all…oops!). Today I’m just sharing a few photos of my best mate @daz_rgr who accomplished the not so small task of swimming 5k (3.1miles/200 lengths of local pool) in a local swimathon. He’s been hitting… Read more →


2012 Bring it…

So somewhere near the start of 2011 I blogged a set of slightly comical predictions of what I’d achieve in the year ahead. Most of them did not happen. Some of them were unachievable, all were ill thought out and I can’t even find the post so probably deleted it in embarressment. With that said though the year turned out… Read more →


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! Just a quick update before downing technology for a few days. We arrived safely at our festive retreat last night and immediately settled down in front of the fire with good company and baileys. Immediately felt far more festive! Slightly slow to rise this morning but dragged myself out of bed to start making sourdough and go… Read more →


belly buttons

Belly buttons are awesome! Mine isn’t as deep as it used to be (which is nice!) but I still seem to collect enough fluff in there to start making a new jumper for the onset of winter. A random but true fact and I challenge anybody to argue against the joys of bb-fluff. I managed to get out for a… Read more →

I want to fly away

I want to fly away

uggg another damp run. I wish the sun would return it makes getting out of bed for a run much easier. This week is proving a real headache in so many areas though so its nice to get out early and work out some aggression. Anyhoo must dash (literally) I have a family to wake from the dead and a… Read more →

fog and drizzle

fog and drizzle

Not the most picturesque of scenes this morning whilst out running due to the drizzle and fog (so you'll have to make do with a silly picture of my mug instead) butĀ neverthelessĀ it was nice to get out and get moving and somehow I managed to do a new PB time over 5km. Lets hope the sun comes out soon though… Read more →


Am I Broken?

I find myself having to do things. Not normal things like work, eat, sleep, raise the family etc. I do engage in all of these tasks but what I’m talking about are all of the other things. I’m a compulsive tinkerer (is that a word?). These things I do are not for profit or recognition (although that is VERY nice)… Read more →