Daily Bread

It’s been quite a while since my last mobile blog entry. In fact it’s been a while since I posted any blog entry. Life has been busy juggling many things (nothing changes). One of which was a foot injury which set my training back and made me thoroughly miserable for a week or two. I’m now all mended and back… Read more →


018: Come dine with Me

I’m a day behind with uploads so have decided to skip today and just upload yesterdays shot. We had some friends over for dinner last night and in my lunch break I raced home to put a rather large shoulder of lamb in the oven to slow roast. It tasted lovely. As did the tomato and sweet pepper soup I… Read more →


013: Cooling Scones

Scones baked by my own hand cooling in the kitchen while Chloe ponders all sorts of mysterys in the background. Today consisted mostly of domestic tasks and not much excitement. The only thing that came close to excitement was treating these home baked scones to clotted cream and strawberry jam. yummy yummy. Read more →


fishy fishy

Robyn and I just had our first try at filleting some mackerel…we’re certainly going to need more practice and a sharper knife. Chloe hates fish and hid in the other room holding her nose trying not to vomit. Not sure Robyn grabbing the head and running around the house with it helped! Pretty sure it will taste gorgeous though. House… Read more →



Had a pretty miserable start to the day with my run cut short at 2.5miles by some serious knee pain. It’s my own fault for not making the most of rest days and continuing to push hard with the training. Hopefully nothing serious I just need to rest up for a few days and slow down on things a little.… Read more →