disco /ˈdɪskəʊ/ (noun)

1. A club or party at which people dance to pop music ///// 2. Short for disco music /////
3. The common name used for Dorset based geek Stuart Mackenzie

…is a geek living and working in Dorchester, Dorset, UK.
…loves to RUN, RUN and RUN
…is obsessed with most things photographic.
…is a SAP security and Ops manager guru by day.
…knows his way around HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL.
…loves music and can still remember how it feels to be in a band.
…once had an image published in a book by Martin Parr.
…is father to a beautiful little girl who wants to be a ninja.
…is a loyal husband to a very patient and beautiful woman.
…once was an important part of the tech podcast podgoat .
…likes to snap photos and blog about all manor of random things
…Dorset, UK