Hello! My name is Stuart Mackenzie and I live with my lovely wife (Chloe), daughter (Robyn) and dog (Monty) in sunny Dorset on the south coast of the United Kingdom. I am currently employed as an IT Manager for Dorset County Council. I like technology and people and I love it most when they can be combined to make good things happen.

When I’m not working hard I can probably be found indulging in photography, binge watching TV on netflix, cooking or RUNNING!

Other interesting and little known facts about me include that I used to play bass guitar in a band, I once helped produce a slightly irreverent but very geeky technology podcast called podgoat and I’ve also had one of my photographs published in a book by Martin Parr. My daughter wants to be a ninja when she grows up.

This site primarily acts as a launchpad so you can stalk me using my various profiles on other sites (twitter, facebook, flickr etc). My blog here contains mostly old historic posts but occasionally I may use it to draw attention to major life events.