Taking A Good Look At Myself


Wow! after a photowalk and a chat with my good friend @daz_rgr last week I realised it’s been nearly 4 years since I finished my 365 days self portrait project over at flickr. 4 years! Time flies huh? Life has changed dramatically since that project. I’ve created several photo projects since that date. Some more successful than others. Some still un-finished and some probably never will be. Life is like that. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I spent a long while lost in the photographic wilderness since those days. I spent a while trying to blog about photography. I spent a while longer trying to make money from it. I gave all those ideas up over a year ago and when I do pick up my camera I’m much happier for those decisions. Photography is fun again.

With all that said though lately it has been niggling at me that although the photography is fun once more I’ve maybe lost that little extra creative spark that used to get me buzzing. That buzz I got from creating not just a photo but something a little different. Sharing a little piece of me and putting my own spin on things. I used to get that from my 365 project. I attempted to re-kindle it with various false starts at a 52 weeks project. One issue I faced at the time was the pure self-loathing of seeing my own image in photographs. It was a constant reminder that my body was out of control. I’ve since put that demon to bed. In fact I’m now actually pretty vain! I’m still not exactly Britain’s next top model but I’m proud of how I look and the work it has taken to get back to this point.

So self-portraits again? It’s certainly an easier way of coming up with creative images without having to involve other people. Last time I learnt a tonne of stuff along the way. I’m pondering it. I did mess around with an idea last night which I’ve posted to flickr. The shot above though is just a slightly less creative out-take which I liked for a completely different set of reasons and though worthy of sharing.

What do you peeps think? should I indulge in another self-portrait project to re-light my creative engines and hone my photographic skills? Has that boat sailed? Speak.

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  1. Daz
    August 21, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    YES x 1,000,000.

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