Podgoat: The Lost Archive

Well some readers of this blog may just about remember when me and my good virtual buddies Simon and Pete used to record a little known but much loved (by about 3 of you) podcast called Podgoat. Sadly due to inactivity, several life changing events, and lack of funds the goat ground to a halt and eventually the podgoat domain name expired. There was weeping in the streets, a flood of complaints and the iTunes store nearly had a global meltdown. Sadly the goat was dead.

*everyone say AHHHHHH!*

Well today whilst blowing the dust off my FTP folders I came across the ‘thought to be lost’ back catalogue on rare 7 inch glossy purple vinyl (I’m lying I never lose files…never!) and now dear podgoat fans I can share them here with you.

*rapturous applause and cheering*

Give your earbuds a treat. Don’t listen with Children present. Don’t fall asleep. Accept our apologies for the insanity, bad language, immaturity on a grand scale and at times awful recording quality. Don’t miss episodes 12 or 15. Most of all Enjoy! We no doubt will rise from the ashes at some point for a reunion gig. Best bit of this show in my mind is still the genius theme tune which starts from episode 12 onwards (thanks Toby – GENIUS!)

Podcast 01: Kitten Busters
Podcast 02: Poets with Laser Feeds
Podcast 03: Father, Son & Holy Goat
Podcast 04: Goat Encounters
Podcast 05: Goats In Space
Podcast 06: The Missing Episode
Podcast 07: Four String Wanger
Podcast 08: We’re Not Dead!
Podcast 08b: Whats In The Box
Podcast 09: 3 Guys Rambling
Podcast 10: The Houmous Factor
Podcast 11: Pope On A Rope
Podcast 12: The Blender Chronicles
Podcast 13: Cold War
Podcast 14: It’s BIG – but not funny…
Podcast 15: Diagnosis Dingo
Podcast 16: The Asparagus Segway
Podcast 17: The Lawnmower Man
Podcast 18: Turkey Clearance Clarence
Podcast 19: The Linux Wookie Affair
Podcast 20: Goodbye Pete! Hello….
Podcast 21: Dead Air – International Goating
Podcast 22: This is all in my head?
Podcast 23: The Big Bit Near The Top
Podcast 24: One Flew Over The Goats Nest
Podcast 25: Flogging The Dead Goat

  2 comments for “Podgoat: The Lost Archive

  1. June 20, 2012 at 1:42 am

    Gold! Always believe in your soul.

  2. June 20, 2012 at 3:26 am

    Thanks for posting these Disco. I just downloaded them all to my Dropbox account. (A true fan needs them at all times.)

    I have long had a desire to make a one minute version out of each episode and then combine them for 25 minutes of pure gold. I’m not sure that I will ever find the time or talent to do so, perhaps someone else could do that and I could just enjoy it.

    I’m looking forward to the PodGoat reunion, and so is my dog.

    All the best!


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