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Podgoat: The Lost Archive

Well some readers of this blog may just about remember when me and my good virtual buddies Simon and Pete used to record a little known but much loved (by about 3 of you) podcast called Podgoat. Sadly due to inactivity, several life changing events, and lack of funds the goat ground to a halt and eventually the podgoat domain… Read more →


Disco’s Daring Birthday Dash

I had quite a fantastic idea today (no sniggering at the back)! It was rather inspired by the activities at the weekend on the Liberty Loco. My birthday is fast approaching and as some of you know I’ve spent a good part of the last year building up my running and over the last month or two preparing myself to… Read more →

more cows

The Liberty Loco

Yesterday I embarked on a running event with a difference. The event was organised by Peter Herridge who¬†regularly records and uploads a mostly running flavoured podcast called Spikes. ¬†The idea was to have a social run (not a race) from Ham Hill in Yeovil, Somerset to Lyme Regis, Dorset following the Liberty Trail. Peter had roughly measured the distance at… Read more →


Wash Yo’ Face

I was reminded today of this excellent Cartoon from a good while back voiced by the fabulous Terry Wogan. It is pretty much born out of all the things us parents repeat over and over again to our children. I was very pleased to find some episodes on youtube. I’ve included one below for your enjoyment. My favourite character has… Read more →