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clown feet

Feet Out

Me and Robyn went for a walk this afternoon. We hit two of the town’s play parks and had a good old natter about nothing in particular along the way. My favourite part of the afternoon was taking pictures of my feet and going on the swings. Yup I’m weird like that. Read more →

still love to know if this guy in the banana outfit beat me...damn fruit

Thank you

I just received an email from @UNICEF_UK thanking me for my fund raising efforts for the #bathhalf. Some of the contents of which are as follows…. By reaching your target and raising £664.34 you could buy all the medicines, sterilisation and resuscitation equipment to help UNICEF safely deliver 14 babies and provide enough Polio vaccines to protect 3496 children. The… Read more →


029: Hair Play

So I gave up with this project a while back. The original plan was making this a daily project. I failed. I like quite a few of the photos though. I think I’m just going to add more as and when I see them and take them. I may even end up with 365 of them….it might just take a… Read more →

first mile

Bath Half Race Report

So finally after training through the winter months, wrestling with various injuries, blisters and last minute illnesses the day of my first half marathon was upon me. The day started with a 5am start. Brekkie consisted of a bowl of porridge, 2 mugs of black coffee and some peanut butter on toast. Slightly more than I’d usually consume but considering… Read more →