Monthly Archives: January 2012


Fighting Fit…and Boxercise

So the last few days have been good ones as regards my general well-being and fitness. The last week or so since I last posted I’ve been struggling both physically and mentally with my running. I was making it out and completing 5 miles or so at a time but never really got to that ‘happy place’ where it felt… Read more →


Hardys Monument

Was a strange weekend as far as my running has been concerned. Friday night I upped the distance slightly and ran back to Weymouth (7.5 miles) to congratulate my Mum on her running efforts and grab a cup of tea with my folks. In the process my big toe busted through the upper of my Kinvara 2’s (right foot) in… Read more →


Apple Flavoured

Trying out a new photo manipulation app on my lovely android phone. It’s called Magic Hour and although it has a few quirks (some might say bugs) I quite like it. It certainly has a huge range of filters both in the app, available for download and also the ability to create your own (amending curves, Sat Bright Cont, Vignette,… Read more →