Daily Bread

It’s been quite a while since my last mobile blog entry. In fact it’s been a while since I posted any blog entry. Life has been busy juggling many things (nothing changes). One of which was a foot injury which set my training back and made me thoroughly miserable for a week or two. I’m now all mended and back running..yay! Sunday I’ll be donning a santa suit with a bunch of colleagues from work and taking part in a 2 mile fun run around Dorchester. I’m looking forward to it as it should be a good giggle. After that though I need to knuckle back down to training for the bath half. I’m back up to roughly 15-20 miles a week but not sure if that’s enough. I am also pursuing other activities though and have a swimming lesson booked in this weekend (eeek!)

The photo isn’t running related really but I tend to take less snaps and run more these days (and the dark and the cold don’t help on the photo front). This photo is more about bread. Since getting into running I’ve been way more concious about what I put into my body. Fuel is important. Good bread….Real bread is hard to come across. So I wanted to make my own. To make matters slightly more complicated I wanted to make sourdough bread (mostly cos of the flavour but also just out of fascinstion with the process). I had a head start in the form of a starter and advice from @ThePhoenixBaker in Weymouth but the toasted slice addorned with mackerel above is my second attempt. I’m very pleased (as were the girls). It’s not as difficult as you’d think….give it a go.

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  1. Phil
    December 8, 2011 at 10:39 am

    Mmmmm, that looks delicious.

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