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028: Fishy Picture

OMG I missed another day on Friday….how badly do I suck! Not an excuse but I was busy after work with a 9 mile training run ready for my race a week Saturday. Saturday itself was busy and involved a cycle trip to Weymouth to catch up with various family members. I took my new lomography fisheye camera with me… Read more →


027: The day before

Man I suck. I’m posting this a day late…a shot from today will follow. Yesterday flew past. I Managed a steady 7 mile run at lunchtime, was busy at work and came home to an evening of socialising and entertaining a gaggle of student midwife types. Chuck in there helping Robyn with her homework and a bunch of other lovely… Read more →


025: Little Angel

Busy day yesterday sorting stuff out at home in the morning and my nieces birthday party in the afternoon. It was very nice to catch up with family but equally quite exhausting (especially considering the prior late night of drinking and dancing). Robyn attended the party dressed as an angel…..oh the irony! ;0) Read more →


024: The running man

Two weeks today I’ll be running my first race…I’m getting excited but I’m more than aware I’ve been a little lapse with my training the last two weeks, but trying not to beat myself up too much considering how far I’ve come in the last eight months. This morning I got out and did a 7 mile run around the… Read more →


023: TGIF

Today (like most others) has been a day full of ups and downs. Mostly ups. Glad the weekend is here but lots planned and don’t think there will be much time for chilling. Biggest thing to happen today was being officially discharged from the sleep clinic as I have pretty much cured myself of sleep apnea by getting fit and… Read more →


022: Knit one Pearl one

Chloe and her fellow Students have been asked to knit during lectures. Apparently studies conducted in other parts of the world have proven that it improves concentration levels and helps you take in information. Chloe has been teaching herself this week. She seems to be getting on all right. Even if the studies are wrong at least I might end… Read more →


021: The wall of Robyn

I’ve spent the last couple of days sorting out nice framed prints of some of my favourite photos for our living room. I’m not great at lining up picture hooks and all that straight line business but I am pleased with the results. In the kitchen/office area though I wanted to do something different so I ordered approx 130 mono… Read more →


020: Men in tights

So I had some technical running tights turn up today…..yes man tights! thought I’d try them on….strangely comfy! Hopefully my head torch will turn up soon and then I combine tights with torch and get out for some training runs later at night. A fairly productive day at work. Chloe is busy trying to figure out how to knit (don’t… Read more →


019: Run Disco Run

So the keen eyed will notice I didn’t take or upload a picture yesterday…ooops! …anyway… moving on….. *cough* Today my fundraising pack and running tee arrived from UNICEF UK (much quicker than I expected). I wasted no time in going for a quick training run to see how it felt. I’ll now wash it carefully with tender loving care and… Read more →


018: Come dine with Me

I’m a day behind with uploads so have decided to skip today and just upload yesterdays shot. We had some friends over for dinner last night and in my lunch break I raced home to put a rather large shoulder of lamb in the oven to slow roast. It tasted lovely. As did the tomato and sweet pepper soup I… Read more →