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016: Golden Snitch

Uploading a day late today. This was taken yesterday just before I went out running. Robyn was too busy watching one of the Harry Potter films to turn round and smile for the camera. Nothing that exciting to report in the days events apart from me signing up to run the Bath Half marathon in March for UNICEF UK (more… Read more →


015: Meh

Not feeling it today. My mind was racing whilst at work but since I’ve got home I’ve kind of mentally slumped. Sat and watched some TV properly for the first time in what seems like ages. I then realised I had to catch up on a few emails and address changes before I went to bed so literally just reached… Read more →


014: Student Midwife

Chloe had her first day at University today. She came home with a big beaming smile on her face. It was lovely to see it. She’s now got her head buried into her first piece of work whilst I’m sorting out some photos for both exhibition and our new house. Robyn has been almost invisible since finishing School today. The… Read more →


013: Cooling Scones

Scones baked by my own hand cooling in the kitchen while Chloe ponders all sorts of mysterys in the background. Today consisted mostly of domestic tasks and not much excitement. The only thing that came close to excitement was treating these home baked scones to clotted cream and strawberry jam. yummy yummy. Read more →


012: Groggy

What a bizarre day. It started with a great run, closely followed by being given an exciting opportunity to display some of my photographs in a well known and high quality local eatery. Woohoo! I then came home and we travelled to Ikea in Southampton to just pick up a few bits (mostly photo frames) for the new house. Several… Read more →


011: Desk Space

Thank goodness it’s friday. Today has felt very long and for no obvious plausible reason. Very strange indeed. Lots planned for the weekend and in a short while I’m about to engage in a internet video conference using google hangout with the old possee and assorted friends….should be fun. I have to make sure I don’t get to bed… Read more →


010: Keep Calm

A pretty average day on all accounts. Not bad on the fitness front though as Chloe got out on her bike for a 10 mile ride. I went for a 5.4 mile run (and got a little lost and stung by nettles) and Robyn had frisbee club after school. Glad it’s friday tomorrow though my brain is feeling a little… Read more →


009: Isaac

This morning we were greeted early by my Nephew Isaac who Chloe is looking after today to help out my Sister. He’s quite the cheeky little monkey so definitely worthy of including in this project. Robyn kindly agreed to stand in the background so I wasn’t breaking the rules of the project (although he is family I guess?). I actually… Read more →


008: Running those blues away

We’ve had one of those days filled with various types of angst. Nothing unusual. Money worries, challenges at work, pre-university anxiety, new school stress and all that kind of jazz all piling on top of me and the girls not making us very happy. We managed to finish the day positiviely though by getting homework and meals prepared early and… Read more →


007: Bookworm

Robyn loves to read. Robyn loves to read more than breakfast or talking to her Dad it seemed this morning. I guess I shouldn’t complain some mornings I can’t get her to shut up ;0) I will be pleased when she finishes this the last of the Harry Potter books though…still trying to convince her to read hitchhikers guide next… Read more →


006: Sunday

Good run this morning (10 miles total 6 of that cross country). Good Company this afternoon with both family and then a trip to meet our neighbours properly. Followed by good food and catching up with Doctor Who. I Will be sad to see Monday arrive. Only just put Robyn to bed and it’s very late so Chloe is tinkering… Read more →


005: idiot

Today I realised I’m a plonker. I started this project saying I would be restricting myself to a 35m prime lens. Today I realised the first 4 shots were taken with my 50m!!! what a prick! I can’t even think how tired and confused I must of been to not notice this for 4 days….grarrrrggggh! I’m not changing the rules… Read more →


004: Strategy

I started teaching Robyn to play chess yesterday. I’m not very good at it myself but it’s another activity for me and her to do together now we seem to have gained so much time to spend together. I have to say I’m really enjoying it (the time together more than the chess) and I hope it continues like this… Read more →