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diet coke break

currently sat at the boat that rocked cafe on portland waiting for my body to cool down (helped by the dark sugar water above). I ran the 5 miles here in approx 45 mins but did have to pause a couple of times and grab some water as it’s soooo warm. I’m in no hurry though so going to rest… Read more →


picnic afternoons

Summer = Picnics…..or it flippin’ well should do! Today was a disco family picnic to celebrate my Mum’s birthday. It was really great to sit around in the sandsfoot castle gardens just chilling and having a giggle. Will hopefully fit more in during the next few weeks. Isaac (above) seemed to enjoy it. What have you been up to today? Read more →


high point // running to work

This morning I accomplished something I would of not even considered possible a few months ago. I ran from Weymouth to Dorchester to get to work. The reality is it wasn’t even that difficult and in fact the distance wasn’t as great as I had imagined with the running distance being approx 5.7 miles. It’s quite a tough slog though… Read more →


hills to climb

Decided it was time to put some variety into my training this morning and repeatedly attack the hill I live on. It was hard work and not as exciting or pleasant as going out and racking up miles but a good workout nonetheless. I’ll try and get in half an hour of this in once a week, I reckon it… Read more →


cool runnings…hey ya!

“feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, something something something…it’s bobsled time. cool runnings!” ok ok so quoting a corny disney film is sinking to new levels of low to fill a blog post but actually think this film illustrates something i’m fast learning about running. There is lots of info and advise out there about running, diet, stretching, training, pacing,… Read more →


morning….flower festival

Managed to get up and moving at 6:30 this morning for a run. Its quite good fun running in strange territory and was nice to be tearing up the roads of rural devon. I went through the village (past the flower festival) and then onto a very rough cross country trail by a river. I then hit roads (if you… Read more →


jimminy cricket

First run today since knee issues on monday. I managed 4 miles with a couple of breaks but knee still feels totally wierd. In all other respects though it was a nice run. lovely weather and plenty so see around the harbour and beach….including jiminy here. I’m kinda hoping if I keep the training light over the next week or… Read more →


schools out

So today Robyn finishes her last day ever in her current school. When she returns for a new term it will be in a new town and in a new school. Exciting times ahead for the family disco. Robyn rocking the last non-school uniform day with a killer look. sunglasses tee (matalan), skinny black jeans (next), white bomber jacket (peacocks),… Read more →


belly buttons

Belly buttons are awesome! Mine isn’t as deep as it used to be (which is nice!) but I still seem to collect enough fluff in there to start making a new jumper for the onset of winter. A random but true fact and I challenge anybody to argue against the joys of bb-fluff. I managed to get out for a… Read more →



Had a pretty miserable start to the day with my run cut short at 2.5miles by some serious knee pain. It’s my own fault for not making the most of rest days and continuing to push hard with the training. Hopefully nothing serious I just need to rest up for a few days and slow down on things a little.… Read more →


not sure if….

I’m not sure if the GD they gave me was for ‘GOAL DEFENSE ‘ or ‘GOD DAMN-SEXY’ either way netball remains a complete mystery to me. It was a good afternoon though supporting all the girls who’d turned up to play for charity and meeting up with the campbell tribe. I think in future i’ll stick to running :0). Read more →


following the line

I hadn’t really planned to get out for a run this morning but as both girls were still sound asleep when I woke up I thought I should give it a try. It’s been over a week since my last morning run and It’s a habit I feel I want to get back into. I felt sluggish but to my… Read more →