Whats on Your Homescreen?

I have a theory that you can tell lots about a person about what apps they keep at their fingertips. Admittedly it’s not a very scientific theory and one that I have not invested any time into but thought I’d share and try and stimulate some discussion and just take the opportunity to find out what apps you (dear reader) use heavily.

Smartphones are all over the place these days and more and more people have one about there person (even my mother has an iphone!). Most of these phones now offer the user the ability to organise apps and widgets so that the things you use most can be placed to the surface of the user experience for quick access. So whats at your fingertips? what do you rely on most?


The picture above (click to enlarge) shows the home screen of my android based HTC Magic. The screen in the center is the default and main home screen and then I can swipe left and right to access the other 4 screens. You will see on my main screen I have easy access to about 6 apps that I would class as communication and social apps (seesmic- twitter, facebook, gmail, flickr, contacts-phone, handsent – sms) and the rest of the apps are focussed around productivity  (google search, got to do – task manager, dropbox – file access, greader – feed access, andricious – bookmark access, evernote – note taking).

There is definitely some crossover here as access to gmail is as much a productivity tool as it as about social interaction but this all still points to me being a person who relies on my phone for more than just ringing friends and playing games. This is not surprising as without access to all of these tools on the fly I’d never be able to juggle my day job, outside business interests and family. The other screens tend to be a little more mixed, one is given away completely to my calendar which is synced with my wifes, weymouth photography and my daughters. One screen primarily contains access to photo and navigation/GPS tools. I also have a focus on useful web apps such as FTP access and access to my blogs and analytics reports. This all reflects my natural need to never be to far from my geeky pleasures. Anyway enough about me, let me see your home screens and tell me what you think it says about you (or your favourite apps).

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  1. August 6, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    I wanted to respond but I haven’t got a smart phone. On my four available shortcut keys I have texts, calendar, camera and main menu.

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