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Travel Log Finale.

OK well after doing quite well with the travel log updates until the middle of the week I lost my way towards the end. I guess I was too busy relaxing and enjoying myself to get blogging and in fact I took less pictures also. It seems a little silly doing separate posts now I’m back at home, so I’ll… Read more →


Travel Log 5: Verona

Well didn’t get chance to blog last night as was very tired after a full on day in the beautiful city of Verona…visited lots of places but I’m currently blogging live via wifi at a riverside cafe in Peschiera so rather than bore you with details I’ll just give you some photos to enjoy…some are tourist snaps and some are… Read more →


Travel Log 4: Easy Day

Today we set aside to have a relaxing day. Most of it was spent hopping in and out of the pool and even just bathing in the sunshine. These activities are not something I usually indulge in, finding myself easily bored, this time though it seemed appropriate and I have to say by the end of the day I found… Read more →


Travel Log 2: Daddy It’s Raining

Day two of our Lake Garda adventure and also Fathers Day. Sadly the rain continues to come down heavily, making us all slightly annoyed. Robyn is absolutely gutted about not being able to use the swimming pool (hence her less than amused face in the photo) and it’s made the Italian al fresco culture much less enjoyable. We’ve tried to… Read more →


Travel Log 1: Travel & Arrival

Well, we’ve been encouraging Robyn to write a small journal/diary on our travels so it seemed only fair I did the same. I’m not sacrificing any of my away time doing this as I’m offline and not tempted or distracted by twitter, facebook, client emails etc. Just me and a blank page to fill with the highs and lows of… Read more →

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Just a quick note to say I’ll be offline for a few days as me and the girls are off on our holiday. This time tomorrow we’ll hopefully me in Northern Italy. This will be the first time Robyn and Chloe have flown anywhere and my first time out of the country in approx 11 years. We’re all so very… Read more →