Monthly Archives: January 2010

Buy Me Coffee

[paypal-donation] I made some quick changes here on the blog last night after pinching an idea from Mr Pollock. It’s not a new idea in the world of blogging but one I hadn’t thought about in a while until I saw it on Simons blog over the weekend. The basic idea is that I’ve now provided an easy way for people to… Read more →

This isn’t Healthy?

Some obsessions are good, some are bad…this one….well it’s different :). I think I’ll make it a new years resolution not to take more padlock pictures.  Maybe I could take them but not post them. Maybe I just shouldn’t worry about resolutions, I’m four days late starting already…..oh well…bring on the padlocks! Read more →


Fame At Last!

I’m posting this a lot later than hoped as I’ve tried to spend my time off over Christmas having a complete break from all things work and internet related. I’ve been picking things back up though over the last couple of days and by the end of this week will be firing on cylinders again. This post relates to an… Read more →